IronBlock is a Blockchain based service platform and marketplace for a $1 trillion+ global  construction, mining, forestry and farming machinery market.

  • Valid machinery condition data guarantees
  • Secure deals and easy worldwide machinery lookup
  • Uberizing maintenance and machinery condition verification
Until ICO start:
Raised to date
5233.49 USD ( 0.00 BTC , 6.1 ETH , 0.0 BCH , 0.0 DASH , 0.0 LTC , 0.0 ETC )
Max Cap
700'000 USD

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Key issues with buying, selling and leasing machinery

Lack of buyer's trust towards machinery condition data, both technical and visual.

Lack of filled service schedule charts in both leasing scenarios and new sales.

Lack of access to the global machinery marketplace for 98% of local players.

Substantial logistics and downtime expenses associated with listing equipment on the biggest auctions.

The Solution

IronBlock is a global decentralized platform designed to optimize maintenance and machinery condition data verification processes, and provide ESCROW for specialized machinery sales.

A blockchain-based solution to the trust issues in the industry, uberizing lot verification and transaction processes, which allows faster scalability worldwide.

IronBlock ecosystem

  • Owner
  • Location
  • Documents
  • Cost of overhaul
  • Certificate validity period
Level 1 (basic):
  • Visual examination of the major assemblies and primary equipment
  • Punchlist, photo and video report
Level 2 (extra):
  • Computer aided machinery diagnostics
  • Oil pressure readings for major units and primary equipment
Level 3 (extra):
  • Oil pressure readings for the power train, compression tests, oil analysis
Type 1 (services):
  • Issue of machinery certificates
  • Servicing
Type 2 (agents):
  • Transaction support
  • Arranging associated services
  • Contacts
  • Services reach
  • Rating
  • Feedback
  • Number of orders completed
  • Credibility level
  • Experience
Verified machinery catalog:
  • Construction machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Oil-and-Gas equipment
  • Forestry equipment
  • Other heavy machinery
  • Leasing companies
  • Machinery owners
  • Buyers
  • Insurance companies
  • Logistics companies
  • Service centers
  • Authorized dealers
Transaction guarantees:
  • Sale
  • Lease
  • Service
Every maintenance history
  • Work done
  • Cost
  • Date
  • Running hours
  • Registration data

Tokens IRB

02/05 - 02/11/2018 +15%
  • Soft cap: 200K USD
  • Hard cap: 700K USD
preICO: 01/15/2018 - 02/11/2018
Until Jan 21 +30%
Until Jan 28 +25%
Until Feb 4 +20%
Until Feb 11 +15%
Soft cap: 200 000 USD   
Max cap: 700 000 USD
Token distribution
70% General sale
Company 15%
9% Team
Advisors 4%
2% Bounty
  • Token name: IRB
  • Blockchain platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC 20
  • Type: Utility

Terms and conditions:All unsold tokens for general public sale will be annulled after the ICO on the smart contract terms.
The tokens allocated to the team will not be available for sale for 1 year.

  • Max emission: 500 000 000 IRB
  • Token to ETH exchange rate: 0.12 USD
  • Currency of purchase: BTC, ETH, altcoins
  • Maximum purchase: Unlimited

Prerequisites for the token value growth


Our main goal is creating a global IT infrastructure for the special purpose and heavy machinery market where the IRB token will become one of the major payment units in such a way that it can be also profitably used for selling and leasing machinery, which should result in many-fold growth in the IRB token demand, raising its value respectively.


The IRB token will be a payment unit for the in-platform services (certificate issue, access to the verified database, etc.) and fees following its launch.
As the platform transaction volume and the lot database grows, so will the token demand and its market value.


Development of the cryptocurrencies in the world will promote their use in the global economy and facilitate the shift to cryptocurrency payments between all players.
The market size for the major special purpose machinery segments exceeds the total IRB token emission at its current price by more than 20,000 times.


When the sufficient token liquidity is reached, the loyal platform users will benefit from saving tokens for later payments, which will cause a further increase in the IRB token deficit, raising its value.


Following the ICO, the IRB token will be freely traded on exchanges. We intend to continuously increase the presence of the token on the biggest exchanges as the project develops.


The ability to use IronBlock services at a discount, as well as loyalty programs and promotions, will be given only for IRB token payments.

Road map

(Q2) 2012

Start of offline business in Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk Region (Russia)* in sales and servicing specialized machinery

Q4 2012 – present

Cooperation with the leading special purpose machinery and spare parts manufacturers such as Liebherr, Caterpillar, Komatsu, GROVE, DOOSAN, FUWA, HBM-NOBAS, TELTOMAT, EVERDIGM, SPIERINGS, FB GRU, DRESSTA, SPECO, BAUER, LEFFER, BVV, TRIASO, TRIMAN, HOLDER, ROMEA, VENIERI, G.A., Value Parts, and others.

Q1 2017

Reached a 250+ units milestone of special purpose and heavy machinery sales in 5 years.

Q2 2017

Collection, analysis, and consolidation of the global special purpose machinery market data to design the IronBlock platform.

Q3 2017

IronBlock creation, building the team to launch the project and attract partnerships.

Platform design drafts

Q4 2017

Pre ICO launch, platform development launch, Licensed service centers and IronBlock agents Whitelist formation, building and developing partnerships with the largest special purpose machinery owners in Russia to prepare for the local launch

Q1-Q2 2018

The ICO campaign: general sale of the IRB tokens. Development of a legal system to manage and implement the project globally. Finalization of team building

Q2 2018

Platform alpha version launch in Russia. Whitelist formation and signing international partners to launch IronBlock on the key European, Asian, and other regional markets

Q4 2018

Global commercial launch after adaptation to local legislations


Scaling up and further project development, the platform launch for the related special purpose machinery and equipment sectors: freight transports, railway rolling stock, aviation industry, and other


Global IronBlock sales, leasing, service market share up to 5%


Ongoing project development with current and emerging trends of the specialized machinery and cryptocoin markets in mind. Growing IronBlock market share, in-house services expansion: logistics, financing, customs brokerage etc.

* The most industrialized region in Russia, one of the most resource-rich places on Earth.


Core team

Responsible for project strategy, platform scaling, and partnerships. Alexander has been selling and servicing special machinery over 5 years.


Responsible for implementing the platform and commercial services development. Evgeniy has extensive entrepreneur experience in IT start-ups since 2013.


Responsible for developing a partner network for IronBlock in Europe. Sergei has been having success on the European heavy equipment market since 2000. Runs his own heavy equipment dealership. An expert on choosing, importing and exporting heavy equipment. Boasts an extensive network of personal connections in the industry including big market players and a sizeable customer base. Over the last 17 years he’s closed hundreds of deals for machinery brands such as Komatsu, Jcb, CAT, Liebherr, NewHolland, Hitachi.


Cryptoenthusiast, originally from Dominican Republic, Pierre Ovalles has been a big advocate of hard work and family values. With over 10 years of community outreach and database experience, Mr. Ovalles is very enthusiastic about being the Ambassador of Ironblock. He believes in the wonderful potential of uniting people through friendship, partnerships, and benefitting humanity as a whole.

NIKOLAY PAKHTUSOV Technical support

Responsible for technical support of the platform implementation. Nikolay is a complex IT systems design and development expert.

ALEXEY DROZDOV Design, UI/UX platforms

User experience and platform interface developer and designer. Alexey specializes in high-traffic service and e-commerce solutions development. Has extensive experience creating e-commerce platforms, end-user applications and cloud services.

Platform Development Over 70 people

Specializing in complex IT systems development, the team is well experienced in creating chat-bots, machine learning programs and blockchain technologies. Has created secure data exchange systems based on Multichain and a few Ethereum blockchain projects for the banking sector.



Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

1) What is IronBlock?

IronBlock is a global decentralized platform designed to facilitate deals and optimize specialized machinery market services – with no middlemen involved. It guarantees the validity of technical condition data specialized machinery being sold.

2) What is the purpose of IronBlock?

Today, conventional sale models for specialized machinery lack transparency and pose risks in both direct and distance sales. Validity of technical condition data for specialized machinery, combined with trust in the counterparty make up the key criteria for dealmaking on the market. IronBlock solves  trust issues between parties.

3) How does it work?

We offer a solution based on creating a global decentralized blockchain platform, designed to uberize verification of machinery condition, as well as its maintenance, using local service centers and authorized agents. The IronBlock platform is designed to become exactly that.

4) Who is the target audience?

The target audience of IronBlock is sellers, buyers and lessees of specialized machinery and also leasing companies, service centers, agents, logistics companies, customs brokers and insurance companies dealing with heavy equipment all around the globe.

5) How can you contact us?

You can contact us by any convenient way, via Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Medium and Go to “Contact the team” page to find our contact information. 


1) Why do you need an ICO?

ICO – initial coin offering, is an unregulated means by which funds are raised by issuing digital assets (tokens) and selling a fixed percentage of it to early investors. IronBlock is a Blockchain based platform, therefore, holding an ICO is the right and rational way to raise capital for the project. 

2) What are the dates of the ICO?

We plan to run a Pre ICO 12 December through 14 January 2018.The total available supply of IRB tokens during that period will be 10.42 million (including the 25% bonus)
We plan to launch the ICO early March and run it for two months. 339.6 million IRB tokens will be sold.

4) What is an IRB token?

IRB token is a utility token. It serves as a payment unit for the platform services and commission fees, as well as for transactions between IronBlock users. 
IRB Tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain and are ERC-20 compliant.

5) Why should you trust us?

 IronBlock guarantees open, sufficient, reliable and transparent data of our financial activities including the finances raised during Pre ICO and ICO.
We provide it by:
– 24/7 online access to up-to-date information on our financial state and current IronBlock performance indicators.
Annual audits by The Big Four companies (PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, E&Y, KPMG) with public audit results. 
– Monthly public accounts for income and expenses.
– Timely communication with IRB tokens holders and data disclosure on users requests.
The implementation of the mechanisms mentioned above creates a transparent and reliable model for the IronBlock platform. The top priority for our team is to build and sustain trust in the IronBlock platform.  

Post ICO

1) What is your post ICO plan?

After the ICO is over, we will work on reaching the breakeven point and beyond,further continuing:
– commercial version features implementation and development;
– creation of a global offline infrastructure, launching local representatives in other legal frameworks and international markets;
– furthering the reach of licensed service centers and agents;
– marketing and platform promotion among buyers and sellers;
– global support center launch;
– partnership network integration and development(logistics, insurance, customs brokerage, leasing);
– expanding the range of equipment, relevant markets outreach (freight transport, railway rolling stock, aviation industry and other).

2) When will the IronBlock project be fully implemented?

 By 2021 IronBlock is expected to control 5% of the global heavy equipment sales, leasing and servicing market.

Conditions of ICO IronBlock

Conditions of ICO IronBlock

1. Introduction
1.1 Please read the following IronBlock Pre-ICO General Terms (the Terms) carefully. The Terms govern your (“you” or the “Purchaser”) purchase and ownership of IronBlock tokens (the IRB), and your rights and obligations as a participant of the IronBlock Pre-ICO.
1.2. By ticking the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” box you give your express agreement to the Terms. Do not participate in the IronBlock Pre-ICO if you do not agree to these Terms.
1.3. In addition to the above, you also acknowledge that you have been warned of and understand the following risks, associated with the Purchase, Use and Disposal of IRB.
1.4. The Terms are only available in Russian and English. If you lack the required knowledge to fully understand the information, please refer to a professional translator.

2. General Conditions
2.1. When you create an account on our official Website (the Website), or purchase IRB, you hereby fully accept the Terms, IronBlock Whitepaper.
2.2. We reserve the right, at any time in our sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of the Terms, with or without notice, such changes effective immediately upon release on the Website. By using the Website and participating in the IronBlock Pre-ICO, you hereby agree to the changes, and require no additional notice of the changes made.
2.3. If you do not agree with the Terms, then you may not participate in the IronBlock Pre-ICO. You shall not purchase IRB if you do not agree to the Terms

3. IRB Tokens
3.1. During the IronBlock Pre-ICO, no more than 8 333 334 IRB will be sold.
3.2. To participate in the IronBlock Pre-ICO you must create an account on the Website stating your email address. Please refrain from creating an account if you do not agree to the Terms
3.3. You guarantee to provide true, relevant and credible personal information in your account. You shall also update IronBlock on any changes to your personal information that would otherwise make your personal information become irrelevant, incomplete or wrong.
3.4. After creating an account, you receive access to IronBlock smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain.
3.5. You pay the set purchase price in ETH for the desired amount of IRB to the Smart Contract address found in your personal account on the Website. The IRB purchase is not guaranteed until the corresponding amount of ETH reaches IronBlock.
3.6. You have the right to purchase any amount of IRB within the supply limitations set by the Terms of the IronBlock Pre-ICO.
3.7. Not acting upon these instructions for participating in the IronBlock Pre-ICO may prevent you from purchasing IRB. In this case IronBlock is not responsible for any losses, costs or expenses arising for you or any other party.
3.8. The IRB you buy will be sent to you according to the IronBlock Smart Contract within 24 hours of the purchase, after IronBlock receives the corresponding amount of ETH for your IRB purchase.
3.9. You can check your IRB purchase status in your personal account on the Website.
3.10. If by the end of the IronBlock Pre-ICO the total IRB bought will be worth less than 1125 ETH, the IronBlock Pre-ICO will be considered void in which case every Purchaser has the right to return his funds.

4. Representations, warranties and legal implications
4.1. IRB Token is not a security or investment, and does not make its holder an investor or a security owner. IRB Token is not registered under the U.S. federal securities law.
4.2. IRB Token does not confer rights in any form to any ownership, distribution (including but not limited to profit), subscription, redemption, liquidation, proprietary (including all forms of intellectual property), or other financial or legal rights, or any other rights to IronBlock.
4.3. IRB Token confers no creditor or lender status, nor is it binding IronBlock and IronBlock affiliates with obligations of return of funds raised by the IronBlock Pre-ICO.
4.4. IRB Token holders should consider the risks and keep an eye on legislation changes in the countries they reside in.
4.5. We notify residents of the following countries: USA, Canada, South Korea, China and Singapore, that IRB Token fails the Howey test:
- IRB Token holders are not paid dividends;
- IRB Token is not a security and IronBlock is not a security issuer and does not pay the holders any loan interest;
- IRB token holders are given opportunities to benefit, nevertheless, it takes efforts and labor to earn any, so there is no guaranteed income.
4.6. By participation in the IronBlock Pre-ICO you imply your full understanding of legal opinion and position of IronBlock, and act on your own account.
4.7. IronBlock takes no responsibility for possible claims from inspecting and regulatory bodies of USA, Canada, South Korea, China, Singapore, and in any other case of change in IRB Token status interpretation.
4.8. Your undertaking to purchase IRB in relation to the token sale should ensure that you understand and have significant experience of cryptocurrencies, blockchain systems and services, and that you fully understand the risks associated with the token sale as well as the mechanism related to the use of cryptocurrencies (incl. storage).
4.9. You fully understand that IRB purchase and ownership may have tax consequences. You take full personal responsibility for your compliance with the tax legislation of the country you are subject to.
4.10. You guarantee full compliance with the applicable law, including anti-money laundering laws and regulations, and will not engage in the financing of terrorism.

5. Miscellaneous terms 5.1. You agree that if any portion of the Terms is found illegal or unenforceable, in whole or in part, such provision shall, as to such jurisdiction, be ineffective solely to the extent of such determination of invalidity or unenforceability without affecting the validity or enforceability thereof in any other manner or jurisdiction and without affecting the remaining provisions of the Terms, which shall continue to be in full force and effect. 5.2. These Terms and Conditions are subject to and governed by the law of the jurisdiction of the Republic of Estonia. 5.3. The Terms hereof shall prevail over any information presented on the Website or in the Whitepaper which is contrary to the terms hereof.